Our Commitment to Diversity

Dogwood is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Dogwood is a “diverse supplier”, and has been recognized (and certified) as such with the federal government as well as by several state governments.  Dogwood believes in the necessity and value to our organization that comes by embracing diversity– because it makes us and our clients stronger.

Dogwood is committed to fostering a diverse pool of candidates for jobs.  We’re committed to open and thoughtful dialogue that encourages understanding across differences, and we provide mentoring, training and resources to encourage a workplace where all feel welcomed and valued– and providing a culture that encourages our clients to do the same.

We will provide an equal opportunity in recruitment, employment and promotion to all individuals and will consider candidates without regard to race, ethnicity, color, gender identity or expression, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, language, age, military or veteran status, political affiliation, disability or any other legally protected status; and without discrimination based on socioeconomic, marital, parental or caregiving status, or any of the previously listed characteristics or statuses. 

Why is diversity recruiting important to Dogwood- and to our clients?

Different backgrounds and perspectives lead to a variety of ideas, knowledge, and ways of doing things– ways that may shatter previously held notions such as “we don’t do it that way here” and which may be expressed overtly- or covertly.

We believe by ensuring that our teams include staff from various social and cultural backgrounds, that it in turn widens the range of perspectives, knowledge, and approaches from which decisions are made and successful teams are built.

We believe that by building a reputation for valuing differences, we can attract talented associates who know that we and our clients will appreciate and utilize the skills, backgrounds, perceptions, and knowledge that they bring to the organization.   Why is this important?  Because organizations that practice these things have associates with greater levels of commitment and higher levels of productivity.

Dogwood recognizes that all people and organizations have certain leanings or preferences—often called biases—and most often are not even aware of these leanings or preferences.  By teaching ourselves to focus on uncovering our own biases, this can help us better optimize hiring choices for ourselves and our clients.

Examples of these “biases” might include:

  • Sex or sexual orientation
  • Candidates with foreign or regional accents
  • Candidates with disabilities
  • Veterans or candidates who hold part-time positions in the Guard or Reserves
  • Graduates of religious schools, Historically Black Colleges or women’s colleges
  • A belief that the younger work more quickly or with more energy than older workers
  • Biases towards or against specific past employers

How Are We Doing?

Dogwood and its leadership team rejects any form of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or oppression. We encourage and require respectful communication and cooperation, and require all Associates to read and sign a detailed Code of Conduct– which is vigorously enforced. Any associate found to have exhibited any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others may be subject to disciplinary action. Our organization is also dedicated to sustaining and promoting diversity with respect to promotion, training, provision of compensation and benefits, management of organizational activities and general treatment during employment.

If you do not feel we have lived up to these statements– or you have any questions– we invite you to contact our Managing Director, Paul Maynard.