Dogwood knows logistics. Paul Maynard, our Managing Director and co-founder is a retired US Air Force logistics specialist with depth of experience in a full range of sensitive freight moved across the US– and international borders– over a thirty-year career. Ross Statham, our Senior Partner and co-founder, is a six-year veteran of the US Army who spent over twenty years working in corporate America.

Maynard and Statham are certified service-connected disabled US military veterans and practice transparency, hard work and the highest levels of ethics. Dogwood gets results.

We are also teamed with best-in-class logistics business partners, providing our government and commercial customers with the widest range of logistics services.  Dogwood provides a complete range of land, sea, rail, and air import/export freight transport services. We have an extensive network of carriers who can accommodate FCL and LCL commercial shipments:

What sets us apart?

  • Values.  We’re an ethical company that doesn’t take shortcuts.  It’s our stated goal for our customers, business partners and employees to find working with Dogwood to be refreshingly different.
  • Transparency.  We have nothing to hide from anyone, and our thin (and transparent) business model makes it easy to do business with Dogwood.  This leads to faster results and lower costs for your project or your shipment.
  • Experience.  You don’t need to educate us on how to work in your environment; we have mature business processes focused on working with multiple industries and a leadership team highly experienced in projects, processes, methodologies and standards.