Dogwood Ethics Statement

The highest levels of integrity and competence drive Dogwood Logistics.  We believe that by making integrity and competence a daily part of our business practices, we will provide a superior solution to our customers, will provide a superior environment for our employees to thrive and will develop the highest levels of business partnerships.  We believe in transparency in all we do and say.

All Associates are required to read and sign a Code of Conduct before joining Dogwood.

We will never knowingly violate confidence, disclose a competitor’s trade secret, or claim that we can exert special influence over certain persons, companies or government agencies.

We guard the confidentiality of all customer and business partner information. We do not seek or accept financial gain or any other kind of advantage based on inside information.  We will not serve two or more customers on sensitive problems without obtaining the approval of each to do so.  We inform our customers of any circumstances that might influence our judgment or objectivity.

Before accepting an assignment, we confer with our prospective customer to understand the project scope.  Such preliminary discussions ensure proper planning, accurate schedules, and fair pricing.  We accept only those assignments we are qualified to perform, which will provide real benefit to the customer.  In business and proposal development, we promise work performed to the best of our ability, but we cannot guaranty any specific results. 

We present our qualifications on the basis of competence and experience.  We perform each assignment on an individual basis and develop recommendations specifically for the practical solution of each customer’s project.

We keep sensitive information in the strictest confidence.  

If you believe that any associate has not fully lived up to this statement, we invite you to immediately contact any member of our leadership team.